Only Women’s Party !!

“I’m not going back in!” Brad wailed. “Oh yes you are,” Sandra said firmly. “Stop being such crybaby. We girls have to put up with this all the time. If you don’t go back in I’ll leave you here.” Brad realized that he had no money on him at all. It was all in Sandra’s handbag and he was stuck right in the middle of downtown on a busy night. He sighed, fought back the tears and got unsteadily to his feet. Sandra took him by the hand and dragged him back towards the club door. “In you go!” she said and with a shove, she pushed him back into the crowded room. When Sandra had told Brad she was going to a Women’s Only dance club with some friends Brad immediately said that he wanted in on the party. The thought of being alone in a room full of clubbing women sounded like an opportunity not to be missed. “You can’t go, it’s for women only,” Sandra explained. “The only way you can get in is if you cross-dress and go as a tranny.” Brad was so caught up in his thought of the packed room full of gyrating women he was thinking straight. “Okay, that’ll be fun,” he said although he doubted Sandra would take him seriously. To his surprise, she did. “Okay, I’ll get you made-up and you can come along,” she promised. Brad was ready to back out but then that little voice inside asked ‘Why not? After all, who would know and think of all those women…’ When the big night came Sandra set to work on her boyfriend with no effort spared. And that started with a matching set of black lace bra and panties. “I don’t have to wear those!” Brad protested but Sandra insisted that every tranny loves a nice pair of panties and he was to be no exception. Brad grumbled as he pulled them on and he turned red when Sandra giggled at how he looked in the lingerie. Before he had a chance to protest she showed him his outfit for the evening: A sexy red glittering mini dress. “Can’t I just wear jeans and a t-shirt?” Brad asked. “Everyone there will be dressed sexy, you have to blend in with the crowd or they will read you and know you are just a boy,” Sandra explained as she pushed the sexy clothes under his legs. Brad began to get dressed and when he had finished Sandra set to work on his makeup. Finally, she gave him a long wig to wear. When Brad looked at himself in the mirror he was shocked to see a sexy girl looking back him. Sandra finished off the outfit with a pair of matching red heels that made Brad totter for half an hour until he got used to them. At last, they were ready to leave. Brad noticed that Sandra only wore a pair of fitted blued jeans and a white top. “I thought you said everyone will be dressed sexy?” he asked. “Well, you are wearing what I wanted to wear and I can’t be bothered to look for something else. Come on let’s go.” With that, she pushed him out the door. Brad was terrified that someone would recognize him but no one seemed to notice that they were anything but two young women out on the town. They took a taxi to the club and the taxi driver flirted with both of them the whole way there. Brad even managed a passable feminine voice. When they arrived the party was in full swing. They made it past the security without any trouble and entered the club. Brad couldn’t believe his eyes! The club was packed with women all dancing unashamedly. They were so close together it was almost impossible to move without bumping up against someone else. It was a dream come true. He was so thrilled that he barely noticed that contrary to Sandra’s assurances the women were mostly wearing tight jeans like her or short skirts, but no one was dressed quite as outrageously as he was. Before he had time to say anything to Sandra the DJ noticed them by the door and shone a light on them. “Big welcome for two more revelers!” she shouted and all eyes turned to look at them. Brad’s disguise lasted all of five seconds. The crowd gave a huge cheer and before he could turn around hand had grabbed him and dragged him to the middle of the floor. At first, he thought things were looking good as he was surrounded by laughing women. Then the fondling started. There were hand on his chest, hands pinching his bottom, women stroking his cheeks, putting their arms around his waist. There was no way to get away, the crowd was too thick and three women were trying to encourage him to dance. But every time he started to dance he felt another pinch on his tushy, another slap on his rear, another half-drunk woman leaning all over him and groping his body. He thought he would have liked all the attention but the women were getting more and more boisterous and helping themselves to whatever they wanted. He was being passed around like a toy and there was nothing he could do. He was nearly in tears as each pinch and slap on his rear end drew another cheer from the crowd. His torment went on for over an hour before he finally managed to run for a door near the back. To his dismay, he found it led to some steps and a close alleyway. There was no escape. He slumped down on the steps. A moment later Sandra appeared to drag him back in. As he came back in the crowd parted to let him through then closed in on him again. As he felt himself losing control of his destiny and woman put her arm around him and shouted over the music in his ear. “I just love trannies you are so cute” Then he was swallowed by the crowd again.


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