Only Way to be Accepted!!

He was bullied in school, because of his very short stature, slim physic and longish ginger hair. He hated being shorter than most of the girls in his junior year at high school. He spent most of his time running and hiding from big mean guys and a few bratty cheerleaders. His younger sister, Gabriella who’s taller than him and recently widowed mother understood why he didn’t want to go back to school his senior year. But they encouraged him to, they wanted him to have the same experiences as every other kid in high school, and he had to get into college and get a good job because money was a little tight now, with only one income in the family now. His mother and sister had a talk and sat him down one day and ask if you could go to school and be accepted, would you continue. He told them “of course!!!” He loved the learning, but not the bullying he had to suffer. But of course, there was no way to stop his being picked on by his size. He looked like a little girl.

“Exactly,” his mother said. Then you would fit in. You might be a little petite, but still acceptable.“ “What if we could make you into a girl? She said.

You want me to be a girl?” he was shocked. “How could you suggest that?”

“Because it is the only solution, “his mother said. “If we transfer you to another school, it will be the same thing, but if we transfer you as a girl, then you would be accepted. Girls kill for the slim petite body
that you have.”

This is “Maya’s” first day of her senior year. I think she’s going to love the best year of her life!!!

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