“You know, a good way to meet men these days is to join an online dating service.” said my Aunt Margaret. There are even some free ones that are pretty good, but the best one’s charge fees. That is why I bought you one year of service for a nice dating site that has a sizable following of sissy like yourself. I even created a profile for you, saying you’re newly out of the closet, and taking your first little steps. I said you want a real man who will feminize you slow, take it easy, and help you have your first female experience so you can be who you really are. The ID and password are over there on the table. You already have a dozen brawny guys who are interested in you and sent you a flirt message! They all want to feminize you, and they all promised to make you fall in love with them. I’m so proud of you admitting to your womanhood! Enjoy the dating site. I hope you meet some really nice man!”


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