Remember when we used to come out here and spend all day fishing?” Brian asked as Nick climbed into the boat. “It seems like so long ago. After the Great Shift hit and Brian was shifted into the body of a beautiful woman, he sought comfort in spending time with his best friend Nick. Over time, their friendship blossomed into a loving relationship.

“Yeah, of course, l don’t remember it being this hard to keep focus on the river,” Nick said with a wink as he eyed Brian up who was dressed in a blue floral dress. Brian blushed. Sometimes he would forget that he was a woman and it was always Nick who would be quick to remind him.

“Hey now,” Brian said as he leaned forward, “Don’t go tipping the boat. I’d hate to get all wet.” He said seductively, knowing just how to get under Nicks skin. The transition from a man into a woman was scary. Brain had to relearn everything; how to walk, how to dress, how to act, and he knew how lucky he was to have a friend like Nick to help him through everything. Today was a special day for the young couple. It marked the one year anniversary of the day they stopped being best buddies and started being a man and a woman. What better a place to spend the day than on the river that formed such a strong bond between two people, a bond that transcended genders. Today would also mark the first time as a woman that Brian would make love to a man. Nick just didn’t know it yet, but he had been patient and tonight he would get the chance to make a woman out of his best friend.

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