After years of feeling trapped, Stewart was ecstatic about his 21st birthday coming up. It was actually his best friend Tina’s idea to have a cross-dressing party. Not even Tina knew about his cross-dressing. Almost everyone came dressed as the opposite sex but Stew or that night Stephanie was by far the best one dressed. Playing the role of a female at her birthday, Stephanie made sure to talk to everyone there, even that guy who showed up- a friend of a friend, of a friend. When it came time to blow out the candles, Stephanie made his wish. The party continued, with lots of alcohol. The next morning when Stew woke he had the worst headache. As he stumbled to the bathroom, he noticed that is breast forms were still attached. No matter how hard he pulled, they would not come off. “Oh well,” he thought, “I’ll just get some solvent later.” When he went to pee, that is when things got freaky-his manhood was gone. He immediately sobered up and looked at his body in the mirror. “What the hell is going on?” he thought. He pinched himself several times to make sure this was not a dream. Still in a daze and staring at his or her new body, the guy Stephanie was talking to last night walked into the bathroom. “Good morning babe. I love having morning wood.” He then bent Stephanie over and made love to her while she watched in the mirror. He said he would call but as most guys do, he never did.

Stephanie called Tina and she came right over. Tina said that she knew about Stew cross-dressing for months; she found his stash of clothes. Tina let Stephanie know that her family came from a long line of witches and she cast a spell on him. Stephanie told Tina about sleeping with some random guy. “Oh girl, if you didn’t use protection, I bet you are pregnant.- Stephanie talked about the quickie this morning. “Well in about a week, I will go with you to get your first pregnancy test.”
“Wouldn’t be easier to change me back to guy?” in a month or two.
“But it will be too late to change you back, spells have to be reversed within 36 hours or they become permanent.”

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