Tim’s mouth dropped in disbelief as he saw his reflection in the mirror. His eyes then fixated on to rollers in his hair, he screamed
“What the Fuck. What have you done to me and OMG my voice why do I sound like a girl?”
Sweetie while you were sedated, we were busy working on you. I’ve been working all morning and you must agree you are quite attractive as a girl. Just wait till you see what we do with your hair! and your voice, while you were under, we had our ears, nose and throat doctor do a bit laser work on your vocal cords. We can’t have you looking a girl but sounding like a guy, now can we?

Turn me back this instant you can’t do this to me!
We can and we did! and we are not done yet. No girl you have a long way to go. We just woke you up for a few minutes. We to enjoy the look on your face when you see what we did to you!. The drug is still keeping you immobilized so you watch as we finish your hair, then you will be sedated again. The next time you see us you will be all girl! Thats right Tim: tits and a pussy, and you will act and think like one and totally love it!

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