Lee was exhausted. As part of an office bet that he had lost, he had to swap places with one of the office girls, which included the uniform. Lee’s feet were in a huge amount of pain due to being on his heels all day, his face felt heavy with the amount of makeup the girls had applied to it, and his arse was on fire from being pinched by his male co-workers all day long. Lee was desperate for the day to end and when it did everyone in the office congratulated him for being a good sport. Lee took the praise and walked quickly out of the office. He got into the elevator, expecting to be able to ride it down to the bottom alone, when his co-worker Simon jumped in at the last minute. Simon stood next to him and stated he had to get one more in before the day was out, landing one last pinch on Lee’s arse. Lee moved away and rolled his eyes, to which Simon pushed the emergency stop button on the elevator.

He moved towards Lee and pulled out his phone. He then began to show Lee some pictures he had taken of him throughout the day. Lee was shocked to see how feminine he had been acting, knowing that he had not intended for this. Simon laughed as he flicked through, stating he was tempted to suggest that this change be made permanent. Knowing Simon’s way with the rest of the workers Lee pleaded with him to not show anyone or say anything about it. Simon told Lee that he would keep his mouth shut if he spent the night at his place. Lee looked down shamefully and nodded his head. Simon smiled, explaining they would have to stop at a lingerie shop before going home. Lee quivered in his heels as Simon took his hand and led him to his car….


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