Off the Hook !!

“What do you mean, I’m off the hook? “I asked, confused by what my former friend, current blackmailer/boyfriend just said.

“I said I’ve deleted all the files on my computer I’ve got nothing left to hold on you,” he nonchalantly said. You’re off the hook! 

“But… why would you do that?” I asked in a stammer “That was like, super stupid of you!”

“Meh, got bored,” he said and shrugged. “And although you look fucking great, you’re not my type.

“How can you say that after all, I have done for you?” I yelled. As odd as it seemed, I felt genuinely hurt. “These boobs and everything! You know how much it has taken for me to become your girlfriend? And now you are dumping me?”

“I’m not dumping you, I decided to stop blackmailing you,” he explains. “You’re acting like some stupid chick right now.

“Oh, and you’re acting like some real asshole right now! I shouted and walked out of the room. I wasn’t in the best mood at that time. I guess I had sort of grown to depend on being a girl. Although, I’d never admitted to that being the case. While mad and angry I thought up an idea that I may come to regret. Here you go!” I said and handed him his phone. “On there you have fifty new images and a couple of videos. They’re super humiliating and I couldn’t live with myself if you release them. Either you continue blackmailing me, or… well I will have to do something really stupid, okay?”

“Fine!” he sighed. “You’re so high-maintenance. Do you know that?”

I’ll make sure he’ll never stop blackmailing me again!

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