“Is that my husband?” Jasmine asked, laughing hysterically.

“Sure, is Ma’am. One completely hypnotized blonde girl as ordered. We kept Rick’s memory intact as requested as well, though it was hard, he fought tooth and nail through the whole feminization process. He is completely aware of everything that is happening and cannot stop himself from acting girly. Right now, he is modeling the dresses you bought for him, though he doesn’t know we are watching.” The doctor explained. “You can talk to him if you wish through this microphone.”

“This is awesome thank you doctor.” Jasmine said as she clicked the microphone button. “Hi sweetie, it’s me jasmine, your wife. Gosh don’t you look so pretty and feminine. That dress is so flattering on you and those heels are to die for! Anyways sweetie I bet your wondering what’s going on. Well its nothing against you, it’s just that I’ve always wanted to change a man against his will. It’s a fantasy and now I get to live it, with you. I love you sweetie and we are going to live a long and feminine life together.”

Rick heard what his wife said, but try as he might he couldn’t break free of the hypnosis to tell her to fuck off.


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