“You wouldn’t?” Natalia asked, getting nervous. When Mitchell’s family went to Exchange Island for a vacation, Mitchell was excited. He wanted to swap with an older guy, so he could be with gorgeous women. What Mitchell quickly learned, was that you don’t get a choice as to what body you get. As soon as they checked in, the family landed in their new bodies. Natalia landed in the body of guy around her age, their parents landed in the bodies of a newlywed couple, and poor Mitchell landed in Natalia’s body. “I don’t want Mitchell seeing my body naked” Natalia whined. Their parents wouldn’t listen, saying, “It’s better than a stranger seeing you naked isn’t it?”. Natalia did agree but didn’t like that her annoying brother was in her body. During their vacation, Mitchell would tease his sister, by trying to embarrass her. She knew that he’d be embarrassing himself, but realized if people took photos, everyone else would think it was Natalia doing that stuff. For the duration of the trip, Natalia kept her eyes on Mitchell, making sure she didn’t try anything.

On the last day of the trip, Mitchell and Natalia went shopping for souvenirs. Natalia made Mitchell try on clothes, which made her feel like she had some control over him. Unfortunately, after the third hour of trying on clothes, Mitchell had it. “Oh l’d do it. I’d run around this whole island naked if it meant I’d get to stop trying on clothes” Mitchell said, pulling his top down a bit. Natalia realized that she may have pushed her brother over the line with the shopping, but was at least happy she got some new clothes. In the end, in order to avoid nude photos of her body from being online, she gave in. “Alright. We’re done shopping” Natalia said as Mitchell felt a bit better, knowing that the shopping was over. He was happy she didn’t know about all the blackmail photos he took.

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