Not the Man they are looking for !!

Daniel let out a frustrated sigh as he walked back to his car- it was on the other side of the lot and his feet were already killing him. Still, it was better than the alternative. He could be dead. One bad bet after another had left Daniel in a serious debt to some bookies. Given the nature of the industry, it was common policy for their thugs to just kill the people who didn’t pay them- and Daniel was one of those people. After he got wind that a few men would be making a ‘house call that evening, he began to panic. He knew he couldn’t flee-they would only just find him eventually. So, thinking fast, Daniel came up with a plan: he would pose as his imaginary “cousin” Danielle. If he could convince them he was just a relative, maybe give them some idea of where “Daniel” was, maybe they would leave him alone.

Apparently it was worth the risk, because after gathering some of his girlfriend’s things and practicing his voice, he actually tricked the hitmen into thinking he wasn’t the man they were looking for. There was just one thing Daniel overlooked: now they were watching Danielle, as she would be Daniel’s most likely contact. They were tailing him endlessly now, watching his every move, hoping she would lead them right to him. And he would, if he ever let up the act. Daniel had trapped himself in his own persona, and there wasn’t any way out. He had to be Danielle 24/7 now, hoping the bookies would eventually just give up. That was two months ago. And although he had gotten better and shaving his legs and walking in heels, his daily life was still incredibly careful-the men were still watching him. Maybe they knew all along and were just messing with him? It didn’t matter either way- he knew he was going to be Danielle for a long time to come.

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