Oh, that was just the funniest thing you’ve ever heard! You swear! That guy, he’s hilarious! Some may say you are too tipsy to even think straight at this moment. That you’d laugh like a silly girl no matter what joke you heard. But, there is something about the way these guys talk that is just so… charming! And your friends seem to like them too. Well, “friends.” They are hardly normal friends. Normal friends don’t subject each other to this much psychological torture. They’re a bunch of manipulative bitches if we’re being honest. But they’ve treated you so well tonight, paying for your drinks and all. If it weren’t for the ridiculous outfit they forced you to wear you’d be quite happy with them. Yeah, about this ridiculous outfit. Who’s idea was it to dress you up like this? Put you in that blonde wig and glue those breast forms to your chest? They look so damn realistic you can hardly shake of the feeling that every guy in the club is looking at you.

Yeah, they probably think you’re a proper idiot, letting these girls dress you up like you’re their little doll. But, at the same time, you’ve had such a good night and… well, maybe it is good to let your guard down every now and then. It is not as if this changes anything about who you are. You’ll be the same man tomorrow as you were yesterday. You need to learn to have fun! One of the guys just asked the leader of your group if you want to join them for a party they were going to. You can’t believe your luck, these awesome funny guys want you to party with them? Hell yeah! You are absolutely going with them. It almost seems like your friends are a little bit nervous about taking their invitation, but fuck them! If they don’t want to go, well, you might just go without them. Just live a little! What is the worst that could happen?

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