“This isn’t the body that I planned on being in when I cast the Possession Spell, but I’m totally happy with the body that I landed in.” thought Tim. “A week ago I was a 16-year-old boy with a big brother who was considered by family and friends as the greatest thing since sliced bread. He had a hell of a combination of looks, brains, and swagger. I totally hated him. The Possession Spell that I cast was supposed to land me in his body. When I cast the spell I could feel my essence rise up out of my body. After a few seconds, I found that I could control my speed and direction so l started my flight to my brother Steve’s house. I made my way to his bedroom and saw him making out with his Flavor Of The Week. I was going to have his body and get laid for the first time. I hovered over them for a few minutes before I began to lower my essence down into his body. Somehow I passed through him and settled down into the body of Carli Smithers. My essence pushed hers out of her body. As said, not my choice but I like it.”


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