Not Man Enough!!

Am I doing the right thing, Tammy?

What do you mean, Ron.. Err, I mean Steffi? Do you mean getting married to Laurie?

No, I know I love her.. I mean getting married looking like this, with a huge wedding gown, and all of our friends and family watching. My god, look at my hair, look at my makeup!!! I look like a slut!

Calm down, little sister. You look lovely! Let’s be realistic, honey. You NEVER were much of a “man”, anyway…. Considering your ‘ahem “size”, it’s not very likely you were going to become one, either!

Why are you saying such hateful things, Tammy?

Oh, sweetie!!! I’m not trying to hurt you! I just want to be honest. You’re a better girl than you ever were a guy! We’ve bonded more in the last 6 months than in the last eighteen years. Besides, after all of the hormones and cosmetic surgery, I doubt you could go back, even if you wanted to! You’re the most beautiful bride i’ve ever seen! Laurie is one lucky gal!

I love you, Tammy!

I love you, too, Steffi… Let’s get you married!


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