Luke sat in the floor of his sisters’ bedroom staring up at her unsure of how she should be feeling right now. Hannah couldn’t believe how well he pulled off the scene girl look. He really did look convincing. Today had started off like a fairly standard day. The two were watching tv together with the feeling of boredom growing ever more present, Luke sat on the floor resting on the sofa and Hannah slouched behind him. Eventually, the boredom got the better of her and she moved to sit behind her brother on the sofa and started playing with his longish hair. Luke was a little surprised at this but found it relaxing. She only brushed it to start with but after half an hour she asked him what he thought. Walking to the mirror he saw he now had perfectly styled bangs and he couldn’t help but laugh at how ridiculous he looked. Seeing it didn’t make him mad Hannah asked if he’d be interested in experimenting with a little dress up to kill the boredom. He agreed thinking it would be a laugh. Once in her bedroom she took out her equipment and sent him to the bathroom with a razor and her shampoo and conditioner, telling him to shave all his body hair off and wash his hair properly. He came back to a whirlwind of activity and his curiosity got the better of him by letting Hannah do whatever she deemed necessary. Her foundation matched his pale skin perfectly. She dressed him in one of her blue night dress. The two had never been closer. After painting his nails Hannah took a picture of him while he looked so innocent posing next to the chair. Luke still felt unsure but couldn’t deny that he did like how he currently looked and he loved the day he spent with his sister. Hannah would ask him again next weekend if he wanted to try it again. It soon became a regular occurrence and the two siblings were closer than ever.

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