“Aww, are your poor little feet already sore?”
“Not really, actually; I was just trying to keep from scuffing up the floor with these heels.”
“Yeah, I’ll bet. You can hardly walk in them!”
“Well, I don’t deny that. I’m still getting used to it,
but I think I’m making decent progress.”
“And the skirt has to be pretty weird, right?”
“I mean, it’s taken me some time to adjust to not having pockets, but that’s the worst of it, honestly. I kind of like the freedom of them.”

“But like, wearing tights, that has got to be-“
“–comfier than I expected, and plus, they’re pretty warm, too. Y’know, maybe you should just use the Medallion on yourself, take over for me as a guy, and leave me in your body. I just might be in this body for a longer time…I really like it.

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