No way Out !!

When his sister repeatedly threatened to turn him into a woman, Martin had just shrugged it off. It was a lame threat – what was she going to do, convince him to wear her clothes? “No chance’ he had scoffed, there was no way she would talk him into doing that. Turns out she didn’t have to – a combination of four teenage girls and a length of rope was all the “convincing” he needed. Unable to fight them off, Martin found himself stripped and roped to a chair whilst the girls set to work. Four hours later they had completely waxed his body and made up his face. The wig and the breasts were held on by super glue – how the hell was he going to get them off? Merciless to the end, his sister had made him watch as she tore up his old clothes and threw them out. They left Martin with some girly underwear and a pink pyjama set before stealing his credit card to go shopping. Martin still couldn’t believe it. He sat there reluctantly in the pyjamas, surrounded by all the new clothes he was expected to wear.There was no way out for him !!

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