Trixie baby, where are you sneaking off to. I just found the condoms.
Oh, Brad. I was just getting some air. It was getting kind of warm in there.
I know sweet thing. You’re making it all kinds of hot.
Uhmm… it’s that time of the month Brad.
Not to worry, baby. I’ve got lube. We can try some back-door action. Now let’s get inside and back to where we were.

I’m going to kill my sister for talking me into this double date with her boyfriend’s brother. If she didn’t have that video on her cell phone of me dressing up in her clothes, I’d blow this pop stand.
Now it looks as if I’m going to wind up blowing Brad. Hopefully, he’ll fall asleep after. I’m still a virgin back there and he’s like a horse. What a pain in the ass…literally

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