Pssh, shit that’s me huh? Well it looks like I’ll be losing this bet with my sister after all. I mean sure, in the right light I could still pass as an androgynous guy, but the rest of the time I’m definitely a chick. Well, this is really gonna mess with my perception of myself from now on. How was it so easy for her to make me look like this. I mean, she barely did anything. A little bit of trimming of my hair and messing it about with styling gel and the next thing I know I have a girl’s haircut. Was it always this feminine and I was just blind? Once she shaved my feeble attempt at a beard and applied a bit of moisturizer, I was shown to have such delicate skin. It’s so soft I can’t imagine ever growing a beard again and ruin this feeling. And the makeup, she barely put anything on. Most of her focus was on my eyes and damn did she do a good job. These things draw all the attention to them so well that I keep getting lost myself whenever I look into a mirror. And yea, those delicately long lashes are all-natural. And don’t get me started on my lips. Pink and fluffy. Again all just me. She put chapstick on me and that’s it. How messed up is that. She could have at least put some shade of pink on or something to give my shattered male ego a break. But I guess after this that male ego is just about gone. I might not be going full-on girl after this party but there’s no chance of ever returning to being a full-on guy. My mind wouldn’t be able to accept such a transition. I guess somewhere in the middle is the new me for now, but even then, I know eventually I’ll drift more and more feminine. But then again, I’ll see how tonight goes cuz so far it doesn’t seem like such a bad idea.


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