Eric had just gotten off the phone with his girlfriend, who currently occupied his body. She explained that the machine they used to swap bodies got struck by lightning in last night’s storm and there was no way that they would be able to fix it. Several days ago the two had swapped bodies for fun, as a chance to see how it was like to live as a member as the opposite gender. Eric loved it; he didn’t mind having to sit down to use the bathroom or getting felt up by guys. Simply having his girlfriend’s body parts was good enough for Eric. He would stay up late trying on different outfits and enjoying the pleasures of being a woman. However, now that his girlfriend had broken the news to him, he hated the hair that kept getting in his face and the tight restricting shorts that served as a reminder of what he no longer possessed. Eric enjoyed being a woman when he thought it was just a temporary thing, but now it seems like he is looking down the barrel of a lifetime as a woman.

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