‘Blondie’ Urgh, she’d always hated it when he called her that. Not that she’d have to worry about it anymore though, the days of Bryce teasing all the girls at his college were no more. A few pills here, and a few injections there, drinks filled with female hormones that was all it took to turn Bryce into Barbie.
“What the hell did you do to me!” What was in that drink??”
“What do you mean? Look you so hot, you’ll have all the boys around campus drooling at the sight of you!”
“I swear to god, if you don’t change me back right now, I’m goin-”
“Sorry big boy, the changes are permanent, you’ll look like this for the rest of college!
Awww, don’t give me that look, I’m sure all your friends won’t mind, in-fact, I’m sure they won’t mind at all…”
“What the hell do you mean by that…

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