“This is so totally absolutely incredible.” thought Clarke. I’m young beautiful and totally pain-free. It’s been almost 50 years since I’ve been totally 100%. pain-free. When my dear friend Olga told me that she could use a spell to swap bodies with someone else. The spell was random and could swap me with some up to a mile away. I was dying and every other option was gone so I jumped on her offer. She also told me that my body probably won’t live through the shock of the Body swap. That still wasn’t a deal breaker. She cast the spell and I felt my spirit rise up out of my body and start heading for the front door when I saw a spirit coming my way. We passed each other really quick but I thought that I recognized the spirit. I passed through walls and went through the door to this body. For a minute I questioned being in  the female body but the absence of pain took that thought away. I had recognized the other spirit because it was my youngest Granddaughter Charlotte. Then I felt a moment of grief. That to passed quickly because of the absence of pain and my head being flooded with Charlotte’s memories. It’s been over a month since the Body swap. I still feel bad for Charlotte, but I love my new body and life and I plan on living it up.”

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