The night had been full of passion as Linda went on yet another date with Andy. Linda loved it when he kissed her. She was so happy that she had finally surrendered her life to her female side. Had she not done that, she would never have met Andy. And in the time since she first met Andy, Linda looked less and less like her former male self and had developed into one pretty and sensuous girl (sort of..not quite). She had even begun living as a female 24/7 and had taken a job at a local tanning salon. It really didn’t pay well, but it gave Linda something to put on a resume. She spent her days checking the tanners in, cleaning the beds, and in between, she thought of Andy a lot–a whole lot. Now she understood why it seemed so important to other girls that they have someone who can make them feel loved and secure.

She was in love with Andy, without a doubt, and she sometimes found herself wondering what it would be like to be a bride and a wife. But she dismissed those ideas for now. It was still too early in their relationship. Now Linda stood there as Andy leaned forward. She couldn’t wait for their lips to come together. She loved moments like these and wrote about every one of them in her diary. She loved being a girl and knew she would never, ever, again wish to be a dumb boy. GIRLS ROCK!!!!


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