It had to be done, I don’t care if you think I’m a bad person or not. This is what he deserves. “Pfft how can a female trainer help me” he scoffed. “I need to build muscle, not ass!” Just because I’m a woman he assumed I couldn’t train a man to become a well-chiseled giant. Clearly, he had never seen my last client, Geoffrey. But this comment he made, it stung. So I took his workout regime in a new direction. We worked mainly on cardio, to begin with in order to “prepare for the weightlifting that will come later.” Huh yeah right. He actually believed me when I told him to shave all his body hair to keep him lighter and faster for intense training. God, he was so stupid, almost bimbo-like. Especially when I told him to dye his hair blonde and keep it in a bun “because the color sends a message to your brain that you are ready for exercise.”

But it was the protein shakes that really did the damage. I mixed each one with a high dosage of estrogen and testosterone blockers and had him drink them twice a day after every workout. God they really changed his body shape. They redistributed the fat to his chest and buttocks, giving him wider hips and fatter thighs. I noticed he tried to hide the changes initially with baggy workout clothes but I told him he needs to wear the “special gym outfits” in order to maximize training “no matter how tight they are!” At this point, the hormones must have made him more compliant because he began to protest less.

“People will think I’m some kind of sissy wearing this sports bra, I wouldn’t even have bo-” “I told you, once the training is complete your body will look as manly as ever, you just have to stick through this part. At least the knee-high socks hide your freshly waxed legs you were so self-conscious about.” “And how is this thing suppose to help me exactly? I could have sworn my ass has gotten fatter. “Look, I can see you are embarrassed at this stage. From here on out we are doing all our workouts outside so if you don’t want people to recognize you while you are in the feminine’ stage of your workout regime then I suggest you could hide your face under layers of makeup. I can even teach you how to put it on?” God this was too easy. And so only a month in and I can honestly say he is one healthy sissy. As I stood behind him, getting a view of that butt I help build, he looked at me and gave me a vicious stare, like as if he just realized what I had done to him. Maybe he finally figured out that this is all permanent. Now the only thing left for him is to meet his new boyfriend.

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