Jason walked around the beach stumbling and tripping over at times. It was hard to get used to all his new assets and the shoes being one of them. Jason’ sister, Jess, turned him into a clone of her best friend. Jess and her friend were supposed to go on a getaway together to have fun and go shopping. But unfortunately, she canceled at the last minute and Jess had no-one to go with. She had a brilliant idea though. She turned her brother into a copy of her friend using a special device she had bought from the mall. Jason watched as his legs grew long and slender, long blonde hair grew from his head, perky breasts formed on his chest and his body became dainty and slim.

He now looked exactly like her friend. It was crazy, he had become a woman in the blink of an eye, and all of her thoughts had flushed into his head. He now checked out hot boys as they walked past and he couldn’t wait to go shopping with his sister. The only problem was getting used to being a girl. The heels were the worst part as he couldn’t walk in them no matter how hard he tried. It was just one of the many new assets he’d have to get used to.

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