New Maid !!

Mister David, your wife she very specific she say you must be very good by tonight. She say you need learn clean and dust and mop and you need to cook too. She say you must work with the cook Mister Ken and make nice fancy dinner for her tonight. She say she have company and she not want you to make her embarrased when she and he have dinner and you make serve to them. So you need be berry good for her tonight. She say berry important dinner tonight. She say you know man who come with her to dinner. She say him name is Robert. She say he is Berry good client of her company and if he happy tonight, she get lots of money for herself and the company. Now, again. You make sure candle is clean and ready to light before they come here. She be very happy if you good tonight. She say that if Mister Robert want to stay over tonight that you spend tonight with Mister Ken the cook in the back house.
She say that she make bag for you and put it into the pantry. Now, you do like you told and clean this room very good and then go to master bedroom and clean the bathroom berry good and turn down the bed. Make sure Flowers are good in vase and that the floor all clean. She say she want her black lace baby doll lay out on bed with lace G string and her 4 inch maribou Slippers. She say for Mister Robert you lay out the red pajama’s with no shirt. She say she think they fit him berry nice. Now go, see if Mister Ken needs anything before you start up stairs in the master bedroom. I sure he want something. Dave, now known as Maid Diane sighed and put the candle down and went into the kitchen to see if Ken wanted something. Indeed he did, he pulled the sexy maid into the pantry and presented her with a nice warm sausage to prepare before dinner

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