New Girlfriend !!

Come on dude, hurry!” Aron said as soon as Colin arrived at his house. Colin was really curious why his friend is so excited. When they got into Aron’s room he showed him a program on his computer he found on the dark web. The program was supposed to morph bodies and alter minds. Of course, Colin didn’t believe it so Aron had to show him. He typed something on the keyboard and soon Aron’s body changed. He was now taller, more muscular and his face was so handsome that every girl in his school would fell in love with him. Colin stood there with his mouth agape seeing the changes his friend went through. That’s awesome! Let me try” Colin rushed to the computer. “Sure, have fun with it” Aron stood up and let his friend use the program. “Don’t look” Colin said before typing. Aron turned around and waited. Suddenly he felt something weird. Looking down at himself, Aron ‘noticed that his masculinity is gone.

He had now long hair and breasts, he became a girl. Hey!” Aron shouted in his new high pitched girly voice. Colin typed something else and Aron’s pants and t-shirt changed into a short dress on thin straps. “Haha, very funny,” Aron said sarcastically “Now quit with the bullshit and change me back” He frowned. Colin ignored him and began to type again. “What’s your name?” He asked out of a sudden. “What kind of question is this? You know it’s Linda” Aron was surprised of what came out of his mouth. “Are you a boy or a girl?” Colin asked another question. “Of course I’m a girl,” Aron said and quickly covered his mouth. “Colin you jerk! Stop programming my mind!” He shouted land quickly ran up to Colin pushing him out of the chair.

He looked at the monitor without any idea what to do. “What’s going on? Why I can’t understand any of this?” Aron was getting worried. “It’s the program. It altered your mind so you won’t understand any of it” Colin was laughing. “You’re a jerk, Colin! A fucking jerk!” Aron screamed at his friend and angrily rushed out of his room. “I guess I will have to fix that too” Colin sighed and went to the computer. After he typed the text he waited for the effect. Five minutes later he got a message on his phone with a picture of Linda in her underwear and a text “I’m waiting in the living room. If you won’t come down in five minutes I’m starting without you!”. Colin smiled. He turned off the computer and went downstairs to enjoy some sexy time with his new girlfriend.

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