‘Hi, I’m Amber! Ken’s girlfriend! We have a date tonight. Who are you, bitch, and what the hell are you doing in his apartment?’
‘I’m Sarah, Ken’s newer girlfriend! And don’t talk like that to me, bitch!’
Ken was actually dolled up by his sister for the school’s womanless pageant tonight It was all for a good cause and for charity. Ken’s sister owned a beauty salon and was oh so happy to makeover her brother into the sister she never had. Ken loved playing pranks, and so pretended to be his own new ‘girlfriend’ to Amber….
‘That son of a bitch! I’ll kill him!’
Amber stormed out. She didn’t even show up that night to see ‘Sarah’ crowned the winner. Too bad for Amber. ‘Sarah’ hit it off with the principle’s son, Jerry, that night. A prank and his sister’s beauty talents resulted in Ken leaving his girlfriend and BECOMING a girlfriend, Sarah, for her man, Jerry.


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