New Daughter and soon to be a Bride !!

I don’t know if anyone will find this letter, but if you do my name is Robert Pryce.A few days ago I went to bed in my home in London, but when I woke up l found myself in a different bed, in a different room, and more shocking I found that I was now a young woman.As far as l can tell I’m in a house in the countryside, surrounded by thick forest .I’m not even sure if this is England. The couple who live here, a stern middle aged man and woman, speak English, but with a heavy Eastern European accent.I keep trying to tell them who I am but they just laugh and tell me not to be silly.They keep calling me Teresa and refer to me as their daughter. There isn’t a phone in the house and though l tried running away I got lost in the forest.

Eventually the man who claims he’s my father found me, I was bought back to the house where he proceeded to spank me with his belt until I cried. He told me not to try and get away again or next time it would be worse.The woman who claims to be my mother was gentler and soothed my wounds.I have no clothes except for the female clothing provided for me. Today my mother’ spent extra time on my appearance, choosing the prettiest dress and brushing my hair until it shone. They’ve told me this is in preparation for the arrival of a man named George.Apparently when George leaves here he will be taking me with him and I am to be his bride.I don’t understand what’s happened to me, and I don’t know if l’ll ever be able to get away. Please help me. PLEASE!!

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