Amy was so angry with her younger brother, Chris. He was about to go to college across the country and he was a lazy bum! The thing that irritated him the most was how sexist he was- he would claim that chores like laundry, cooking, and doing the dishes was “woman’s work …so he didn’t have to do it! Amy was incredibly frustrated and finally just gave up, knowing that after she left for college she could ignore Chris faults at least until they returned for winter break. So imagine Amy’s surprise when she returned home to this sight! A beautiful blonde sitting in the kitchen sink in an extremely skimpy outfit that Amy supposed could be considered a cleaning outfit! The blonde’s perfectly styled, luscious hair cascaded delicately over her breasts as she quizzically sucked on her gloves, which just added to the overall image of a stunning woman. She turned her eyes, thickly in mascara, eyeshadow, and eyeliner over to Amy when she screamed,


Like, you don’t recognize me?” the blonde giggled. “t’s me, Chrissy! I was going to do the dishes and junk, but I totally forgot how to do it! I mean, of course, I know that its, like, the perfect opportunity to wear this cute skirt and these hawt gloves, but l can’t remember what comes next! My professor taught me to be a perfect little girl.

Amy stood there, shocked, then fainted when her brother- or more accurately, her sister “Chrissy”, explained what else she had learned in her new college

Hey. Amy, don’t fall asleep now! I was just about to, like, say that we should get dressed in some hot outfits and like, go clubbing to practice these things that Professor taught me in class!!! A good girl should always have a boy to protect her. Let’s go find some cute boys!!

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