New Bridesmaid

“Say cheese!”
Jake stood in between his two sisters, fully made up and wearing one of the sexiest dresses he’d ever seen. After they’d stumbled in on him trying on their bridesmaid’s dresses, the girls had decided he shouldn’t be left out and bought him a dress of his own. Jake had been surprised at how supportive they’d been about it, and had happily let them make him over ready for a photo – after some gentle persuasion, of course.
His sisters laughed as the photo was taken with Jake stood happily between them. It was the morning of the wedding and they couldn’t believe how gullible Jake had been – he thought the car wasn’t due for another hour! As it pulled up outside he became confused and made a move for his bedroom; only to find his arms locked in those of his sisters.
“Oh no – no getting changed for you. We’ve got a wedding to go to!”
‘We’ve been looking forward to this, sis. You really do look beautiful in that dress of yours.”
Jake struggled as his sisters frog-marched him to the door. It seemed there’d be one more bridesmaid than expected at this wedding…

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