“Hey, um, Evan. Can I talk to you about something…?” I asked my friend nervously after school.
“Sure, Max. What’s up?” Evan replied.
“Well, um, you know how the school has that Sadie Hawkins dance thing coming up. I know it’s, like, totally stupid and all that. But, you know, just for laughs, would you… like to go with me!?” I blurted out.
“Max I…”
“Just hear me out!” I interrupted, “I know I used to be a guy and all that and it’s probably totally weird to think about going out with me. But, physically I AM a girl now! I mean, they tell me I can even get pregnant and stuff! Not that I want to get pregnant or anything!”
“And I know I wear stupid baggy stuff like this sweater and I’m a wreck with my hair and stuff! But I promise I’ll get mom to help me get dressed beforehand and I’ll totally get better otherwise.”

“Max please…”
“Oh God, what am I doing! I’m totally making you uncomfortable, aren’t I! I’m so, so sorry! I totally understand if you never want to speak to me again!” I exclaimed as I started to turn around, intent on running around.
“Just shut up for a minute,” Evan said as he grabbed my arm, spun me around, and pulled me in for a kiss.
“Max,” Evan continued after breaking off the kiss a few moments later, “You’re my best friend and the most beautiful girl I know. Of course I’ll go to the dance with you.”
And after that, it was my turn to wrap my arms around Evan and kiss him!


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