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“Charli! How many times do I have to tell you, young lady, stop fidgeting and pay attention!” It was hard to tell what surprised the teachers and pupils at Hornington Academy School For Girls more. Was it that their IT technician Charlie Crow had suddenly announced that he was having a sex change, and wished to re-enroll in class as one of the girls? Or was it that the hunky twenty-something, whom many of his new classmates had drooled over while he was fixing their complex network issues, would turn out to be, well…such a total ditz?

“Well, Charli”, said Miss Bakewell, the school’s home economics tutor, “Since you’re apparently such a Little Miss Know-it-All, maybe you could repeat what I just said to the rest of the class?

The girls were the only ones on campus who knew the real reason for Charli’s sudden change of heart (and gender). See, they were the ones who found the spying device Charlie had installed in the 18-19-year-old classes’ showers – and they were the ones who blackmailing the peeping pervert into swapping PCs for plaid skirts and hardware for hairdressing lectures!

“Weren’t you listening, Charli?” said Miss Bakewell, addressing her ex-lover in a withering tone, “I said, what do you have to be careful of, just before putting a birthday cake in the oven?

Charli found it difficult to concentrate on her new, ultra-feminine classes for numerous reasons – the tiny skirt, the irritating hair extensions, the mood swings brought on by her hormones – but of all the distractions, the ear piece was the worst. Fashioned from the remnants of the spying device, the Kappa Slappas would use it to pipe answers to their new ‘friend. The rest of the class waited on tenterhooks, waiting to see what comedy gold the class airhead would come out with next. After a short delay, Charli cleared her throat nervously and offered her answer: “That you have removed all the candles first, Miss. So they won’t melt in the oven”. After waiting for the laughter had finally died down, Miss Bakewell spoke with mock anger in her voice “Charli, I’m disappointed in you yet *again *. Come to the front of the class and stand with your nose to the wall, until you learn to pay attention!“ Miserably, Charli prepared to stand up, when a familiar rumbling in her backside caused a feeling of dread to come over her. “Oh no!”, she whispered, realizing that her sorority sisters had activated the repurposed spy bug’s other new function, giving her a raging hard-on to boot! “Charli”, repeated Miss Bake well. “Stop squirming, and walk to the front of the class this instant”.

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