Never A Man Enough

“No Max, stepmom did not lie to you. You pleaded with me to let you go back to being a man again. That’s exactly what you said, sweetie. The simple truth is that I never considered for even a moment that you were ever either a man or a boy, or hell, even a male at all honey. You were always a femme little piece of fluff to me. So you see, you just can’t ever go back to being something you never really were in my opinion, and in this house my opinion is final, understand sweetie? Your daddy left you to me and I did with you as I please for the last three years. So it’s pantyhose, high heels, long tinted hair, mini skirts and dresses for you forever, Maxine girl. Don’t you feel it yet honey? Don’t you feel like the very pretty girl that you already are? You certainly can, can’t you, sweetie? I’ve been stuffing you chock full of female hormones since you dear old daddy passed away. You’re all mine now till I can marry you off to a real man who’ll support us both anyway.”

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