I’m living proof of why you should never cheat on your wife, especially if she is rich and crazy at the same time! I felt I needed a change from her, I felt I needed a different sexual experience from my wife, the brunette bombshell. So, I thought I would give a blonde woman a try. And so, I met up with this woman at least once a week and we would have rough, hard, sweaty, sweet sex. It was a whole new experience for me! But I never thought in a million years that my wife would have found out. How she found out remains a mystery to me, but nevertheless, she found out and started plotting a revenge plan right away. One day when I was walking home from work at night, a van pulled up behind me and a group of masked men grabbed me and threw’ me into the back of the van, that’s when an unknown substance was injected into me and I blacked out. I woke up in some empty room I didn’t recognize.

I felt strange, different, that’s when I looked down and saw that I now had a pair of breasts tucked away by some kind of slutty outfit that showed off my new hairless smooth body and sexy legs. But what I also saw’ was long blonde hair flowing down past my shoulders. I raised both my hands to feel and confirm my new hair was real, and it was! It was ever so soft and well-conditioned.

“OH MY GOD!!’ I’M A WOMAN!” I screamed to myself in great shock with a new feminine voice. But what also shocked more was the fact that I was the exact identical copy of the woman I was sleeping with! How can this be possible? Is this just some mad dream? That’s when I saw a note on the wall in front of me. it said “I’ve known for quite a while now that you have been cheating on me with that blonde woman! I was so furious with you! So, in my anger I accidentally killed her! But I can’t go to jail, my career is far too important, that’s why I had you kidnapped and transformed through surgery to look exactly like her! You are going to be her replacement for the rest of your life so nobody will know she died, and so nobody will go to prison! And our relationship is so damaged that I can’t see things ever working out between us again. Goodbye and enjoy your new life”

I was speechless, straight away I knew that note was from my wife. I just stood there with my delicate hands on my hair thinking this was all just a bad dream. But to my fears I knew it wasn’t. I wish I never cheated on my wife. She got the best of me. Now I’m forced to live the life of a diva.

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