Netflix And Chill !!

I don’t know what just came over me. I’ve spent these last two months in utter distress over having to dress and act like some girl, but for whatever reason I just felt like as if I had to share a picture of this amazing tuck. I have a penis, believe it or not, but it’s been so tightly tucked beneath thin layers of flesh that you could never see it. look so convincingly feminine that I just don’t know what to say. I feel like giggling, but then I remember that I am not actually supposed to enjoy this. I hate having to act like my former best friend’s girlfriend. He is blackmailing me, nothing about that is okay or reasonable. Just because I once broke the law doesn’t mean he has the right to treat me like his personal Barbie Sure, I’ve been mistaken for a girl in the past. Being short and skinny with long hair and a frankly youthful face tends to result in some people being confused.

But it is not as if I ever wanted to be a girl. I may not be a macho stud, but thought that I was secure in my masculinity. Being a little androgynous could even get you chicks, right? But seeing my little manhood so carefully tucked out of view, am somewhat amazed. I make such a good girl… don’t I? I can even be considered sexy, as weird as that thought may be I didn’t have to buy these clothes. Thankfully my former best friend, current boyfriend, buys everything need to achieve this illusion of femininity. I’d never say thanks to him, but feel thankful now that I am seeing how good I am at this. You know, passing. I guess I am more lucky than talented, though. Or what am I talking about? Lucky? I am obviously not going to send this picture to him just so that he can masturbate all over it. That’s frankly disgusting. I already felt his hard on the other day when I was sitting next him on the couch. “Netflix and chill,” as they call it. I may just keep this picture for myself Once I get out of this mess I may enjoy seeing pictures of a hot girl without h panties on. What guy hasn’t fantasied about having girl they could get to do anything they want?

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