My Wife’s Daughter !!

“Is that all your own hair?” Robbie, my old buddy, asked me. He was the first person outside my family that I had met in over a year. “It can’t be…” “Du, of course it’s not my real hair. Do you really think I could have gone from a standard crew cut to this in just a year? I mean, it’s mostly mine, but there’s some other hair in there too,” I said.”If it’s a wig then you can just remove it. Come and join us guys at the bar again,” Robbie said as he awkwardly sipped from the tea cup in front of him. He was a manly man, and not really accustomed to the idea of going over to a friend’s place for afternoon tea.”It’s not a wig, it’s… ugh, it’s more complicated than that,” I sighed. I didn’t know how to explain it to Robbie. He knew nothing about being a girl, and just a year earlier, neither did I. Are you really hairless all over? I mean, your legs… ” Robbie said before going quiet. I noticed him looking at my smooth legs.Don’t worry, Robbie. I’ve gotten used to men looking at me like you are now,” I said, trying to reassure my friend who tried desperately not to gaze at my feminized legs. “And yeah, I’ve been using this lotion that has, like stopped all hair from growing back on my body. I don’t know where my mother got that from.” Your… ” Robbie began with a cough.Of course, I meant to say my ‘wife.’Don’t know why I called her my mother,” I corrected myself as I felt my face getting red. I had hoped I wouldn’t make that mistake with Robbie nearby.

“Sorry… I’m just…” “Well, she is like twenty years older than you,” Robbie said, trying to spare me some of the embarrassment. “We all used to tease you for going out with your ‘mom.” She’s only eighteen years older than me,” I said, knowing that she was still very much older than me. “I can’t explain the age difference. We just met and fell in love.” “But then she turned you into her sixteen-year-old daughter,” Robbie said bluntly. “I mean, I appreciate you inviting me over, but all of this is just incredibly freaky. You just disappeared, and I had no idea you lived like this. Is this like, part of a kink or something?” I was Unemployed!” I began defending myself. “It is not as unreasonable as it may seem. And she needed me to dress up as her daughter so that she could tell her boss that she had a child, so that the boss wouldn’t think she was unqualified for promotion.”Yeah, y’know… Jake,” Robbie said. I first wondered why he called me Jake, but then I remembered that used to be my name. I’ve gotten so used to being called ‘Sandy’ by mom. “I don’t think you can join us guys at the bar.” “Why not?” I gasped. “You’re my one ticket out of here! I feel so… closed in. My mom just decides everything for me, I need to be with someone else, just for oncel” “Well… Robert said. He was clearly thinking of a reason. You’re only sixteen. You aren’t allowed in.” “Okay, Robbie,” I sighed. Something seemed wrong in that, but I knew that I was sixteen years old. That’s how old mom says I am. “I guess you’re right.”

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