Mike and James were watching a tv show about paranormal stuff when the topic of hypnosis came out. James was a skeptic unlike his friend Mike who really believed in this stuff. To prove him wrong Mike made a bet and James agreed confident that he will win. Little did he knew that Mike actually practiced and now he had a perfect opportunity to try out his skills. Mike took a special necklace and slowly swayed it before his friend’s eyes. James started to feel sleepy until he passed out. Mike smirked knowing the first stage has worked and now it’s time for the real job.
“You are not James, you are Jennifer. You are my girlfriend and you love me more than anyone else” He slowly whispered into his ears. As he was speaking the instructions James’s body began to change turning him into a girl. When Mike finished, he put the girl on the couch and let her sleep for a while so the spell could merge into her mind.

“Huh? Did I fall asleep?” Jennifer opened her eyes not remembering that just a few minutes ago she was James. She was laying on the couch with her head on Mike’s lap.
“I see the show didn’t interest you” Mike smiled seeing his beautiful girlfriend. “Not at all” Jennifer yawned “What’s that in your hand?” She asked seeing the necklace in Mike’s hand. “Oh this? It’s a small gift for you” Mike gave her a gold bracelet. “Really? You’re so sweet” Jennifer warped her arms around Mike’s neck and kissed him on the lips.
Few weeks later the hypnosis was still working. Jennifer was unaware her mind is under control this whole time and Mike was really happy to have a girlfriend like her.


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