Joey loved his mom dearly. He couldn’t stand watching her suffer when dad died in an auto accident. Mom withdrew from life, dejected in everything she loved. Mom was faithful to dad and she felt a lifetime together should have been a lot longer. She even wanted a daughter, but Joey is her only child and a boy. There would never be another man for mom. The life insurance and auto insurance settlement was a lot of money. Joey started living with mom again to make she took care of herself. One day mom said to Joey, “You know you are all I have left now. You also know I wanted a daughter so bad. I love you, Joey. I always have and always will even if you are a boy.” Joey gave his mom a hug. Mom continued, “But I have enough money to give you hormone treatments and make you a girl.” Mom stopped and searched Joey’s eyes for any hint of acceptance. Joey had already thought about the possibility. He didn’t want to spend mom’s money or even encourage her to spend the money on him. Joey nodded. Now mom hugged Joey. The transformation went well. The nanobots increased and enhanced the process. In three months Joey was completely a woman. Joey changed his name to Liz and became best friends with his mom. They attended parties together and made a point to shop for sexy dresses every week. Joey loved the changes in his life, the dressing up, the looking pretty. Liz and mom went to bars scouting for a boyfriend for mom. She deserves happiness again. And wouldn’t you know it, when mom found a great guy, he had a buddy. Now Liz and mom double date. Looks like the boyfriends are moving in soon. Joey is so happy for mom and is so happy to have a guy that wants to marry him.

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