Haunting isn’t it, my little princess? Just this morning you were my pathetic boyfriend, but now after a spot of hypnosis and some wonderful feminization by me, you’re an absolute beauty. I bet you’re screaming in there too because behind that simpering smile and prissy mannerisms lies your consciousness, doomed to watch as ‘manly’ little Adam became Amanda. It was like you’d been doing your makeup your whole life, rather than having the suggestion put into your mind half an hour before. Had I not hypnotized you myself I would have thought that girlish scream when you saw the outfit I’d picked was real. Though I feel that when you look this good maybe it was a waste letting you live as Adam for as long as I did. Anyway, here come our dates. I put your lipstick in your purse because something tells me you’ll need to reapply it at some point.’

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