My Girlfriend does my Makeup!!

My girlfriend Lauren is a very popular makeup artist, and for months now she has wanted to work her magic on me. I keep putting her off by telling her some other time. But something was different today, she came home and asked again. This time I told her Yes you can. Lauren directed me towards the spare room she has that is dedicated to her craft. She sat me in a chair and a few minutes later started applying makeup to my face. It took about an hour before she stopped and left the room telling me She’d be back in a minute. Lauren came back with some clothes, a blonde wig, and some breast forms. 

Will you let me finish your little makeover? she asked. I answered yes thinking that we have gone this far why not finish it as she puts it. She attached the wig to my head, the breast forms to my chest and then helped me put on the dress. Lauren left to grab a camera and snap few pics of her latest creation. While she did, I got a look of what she did. I couldn’t believe the reflection in the mirror was really me. I haven’t told her this, but I really like the way I look. I think we might just keep that our little secret.


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