My girlfriend does my makeup for a Date !!

Stay still Darlene you don’t really want me to ruin your makeup. Mark is gonna eat you up !!

Can you please stop teasing me? I am your boyfriend Derek for god’s sake !!

Not today….you are definitely not my boyfriend…but instead, you are my little girl who is gonna go on a date with my elder brother Mark. Mark won his bet against you and the loser gets to be a girl for a night and go on a date with the winner.

Don’t you think you are taking this too far? It’s just a stupid bet…stop making me look like a real girl. You have been doing your makeup on me for hours now !!

I am just done, sweetie…Oh, Mark is here…enjoy babe !!

Oh god…this is gonna be embarrassing!!

Holy Shit Derek… I didn’t expect you to look like a hot chick. It was just gonna be a fun night with some teasing and banter…but now I think I should really take things to the next level.

What do you mean next level? Omg, why are you clicking pictures ??

You know exactly what I mean…before going out how about you lay down on the bed for me and give me a good time? I am sure my sister won’t mind us making out !! And if you don’t do as I say… I will post your pictures all over social media.

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