I just sat there staring at my reflection, no longer recognizing myself and I could do nothing to stop it due to the drugs in my coffee. My makeup was done including red painted lips, long false eyelashes. Instead of my normal short brown hair, I now had long blonde hair. It was hours since entering the salon for a trim and shaping and now look at me. First the extension followed by the blonde dye hair rolled up in curls and then the hairdryer for what seemed a very long time. Now I sat in front of mirror, curlers being removed ready to be combed out and styled. Then all of a sudden, things started to get fuzzy. An internal struggle began. My male side trying to keep control and on the other end, a new fem side slowly getting more and more powerful. My male side tried to hang on, but it was slowly being erased. My fem side was taking control. The salon girl came in with my new outfit. A black bra with matching panties, a sheer pantyhose and a very stylish short black dress and black leather pumps. I couldn’t wait to start my life as a girl.

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