I wasn’t always like this you know. I was once a white teenage male with a normal life. That was way before my Dad remarried to that bitch of a woman I call my step-mom. This is all her fault, but I blame my dad even more for allowing this. It had all started when my stepmom took control of my dad’s life. She became a dominant bitch putting my dad through all kinds of humiliation from cross-dressing to sexually related punishments. Anything to humiliate him. Quite frankly I wasn’t too bothered as it didn’t affect me in any way. But when she demanded that my dad had to ‘feminize’ his only son into his daughter for the ultimate humiliation, that’s when I knew I was in trouble.

“Sorry son, but it has to be done” he mumbled as he practically kidnapped me and took me to surgery. When I woke up I was surprised by all the long blonde hair, soft feminine skin, small breasts which will apparently grow over time and the new working womanhood. It had all happened so fast I still hadn’t got quite used to it. Now my stepmom calls me her daughter and she even braided my hair and did my nails. I’m just a prop in my dad’s humiliation. I think he was more upset than me. But I will always blame him for this because he never had the courage to break up with her before any of this ever happened.

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