Bill was itching for his sister to go out for the evening. She’d recently been on a shopping trip and he was eager to try on some of her purchases. At last Susan came down from her room.

“Have fun,” she said as she walked out the door.

“Oh I will,” Bill told himself with a sly grin.

As soon as the front door clicked shut, he raced up the stairs to his room and tore off his clothes to reveal his perfectly smooth and hairless body. As an experienced crossdresser he always kept himself in top feminine form. He grabbed his favorite long-hair wig, adjusted it on his head and left the room. He ran to Susan’s room barely able to contain himself and went straight for her top drawer. He took a moment to enjoy the sight of her collection of colorful bras and then selected a shiny party bra from the pile. Next, he opened her panties drawer and couldn’t help squealing with delight at the beautiful dedicates he found. He found a pair of pink bikini panties with a little satin bow at the front and pulled them on. Now he was really beginning to feel like a girl. He put on some lipstick and blew himself a cheeky kiss in the mirror. He took a few minutes to parade in front of Susan’s mirror swaying his hips as he moved. But it was the new jewelry that his sister bought recently that he wanted most.

He opened Susan’s cupboard and found the shiny necklace. She looked so sexy when she wore it for the first time and Bill knew he just had to try it for himself. It was perfect, he look every bit as sexy as Susan did. Bill imagined himself in a club, dancing to the beat and began practicing his moves in the mirror. He shook his hips, pouted, bent over and danced the way only a girl can. Then he saw it. It was just the briefest of flashes, a tiny point of red from the little light on Susan’s webcam. His sister’s computer was on although the screen was blank. He moved the mouse, and the screen came on showing a large image of himself bent over in Susan’s dress halfway through a dance move.

Bill felt his heart stop. It took only a few moments to realize that Susan had a program running that was taking pictures of her room every few seconds. Bill began to panic, tried to stop the program but as soon as he did a message came up on the screen asking for a password. His sister had caught him cross-dressing and he knew it. Now all he could do was wait to see what she would do next…




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