My Brother’s Fiance !!

I used to be an 18-year-old guy named Jeff. My brother, Andy, was thirty and engaged to a girl named Mary. One day, while l was playing video games at home, there was a knock at the door. It turned out to be Mary. I invited her in and asked her what she was doing there. Well, she pulled out this weird blue stone and handed it to me. The thing is, once both of us made contact with it, we swapped bodies! Mary then explained that she was reconsidering the whole marriage thing, but that she didn’t want to hurt Andy’s feelings by breaking up with him. When she stumbled upon a magic shop downtown, she explained her plight and the man working there sold her the stone.

She never said why she swapped with me and not some other woman. Well, needless to say, I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of being a woman and marrying my own brother. I said as much, at which point Mary explained that the stone has also been set up to make sure our bodies retained their original feelings and mannerisms. I would act and feel like a real woman, and really love my brother. So now, I guess I’m stuck. Being a woman hasn’t been horrible, and I do love Andy just like Mary did. I still do miss my old life, though, and every so often go downtown looking for a little magic shop to try to get it back.

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