Graham sat in the couch and stared at the three women on the other side of the table. Their faces were stern and gave no clue as to what the answer should be. “Come on now Graham, think, how does the Futures Market work?” Graham’s eyes opened wide as he strained to think and he played with his hair but nothing came to mind. Three months ago Graham had been sent to the correction facility by his stock broking company as part of an out of court settlement after he was accused of inappropriate conduct towards some of the secretaries. When he arrived he was an arrogant over-achiever with a strong chauvinistic streak. But the feminine program was irresistible and by the end of the first week, he had been crushed into submission. Now, three months later, his head was filled with fashion, makeup, and girl-gossip. He knew everything about skin tones and color hues, he could match any skirt to a wardrobe of tops, and he knew just the right dress for any occasion.

But he knew nothing about the stock market. Graham straightened out his red dress ran his hands along his smooth legs for comfort. Then he shifted on his seat and blinked at the panel. The lady in the middle who had been asking the questions now fired off a series of questions at him.”What pantyhose would you wear with a fuchsia dress?” “Black or green,” Graham promptly answered. “What color lipstick are you wearing?” “Pink passion No.7.” “What is your duty at an office party?” “To ensure the plates are full, the guests are happy, and to look pretty.” “Boxers or briefs?” “Thongs.” The three women looked at each with a satisfied glance.”Well done Graham, I think you are ready to return to your company. Of course, you won’t be a broker any more but you will be joining the secretary pool as an intern…

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