On one cold winter night, my friend Ron was trying to hypnotize me. I said it would never work.

“Honey it is time to wake up. I want you to see the changes you and I made. I think you are going to love what you see because I know that I do.”

As my friend extends a hand to help me up. I look down and see two lovely manicured feminine hands where there should only be one. Then I look further down past what seems to be my swelling breasts. I can feel that they are encased in a dainty silk and lace bra. I smile as I remember buying it and it’s matching black panty. I also remember putting them on this morning and how sensuous the felt as I put them on. After I finish my thought about my lingerie, I see that I have on a cute dress that I bought on sale, black stockings and a darling pair of heels that make my legs look oh so sexy. As I stand there, I can smell my perfume and my make up as I look into the mirror at the woman I have become.

“Honey I can’t believe what I see. Is that is me? I look so, so….so.”

“Yes you can say the word honey.”


“I know honey. When I put you under and asked you what your deepest desire was , you said you wanted to be a weak soft woman, obedient wife, housewife and mother. And that you felt cheated since you had to live your life as a man. Well honey that was six months ago and what you see before you is what I accomplished.”

I started to cry as I hugged my friend Ron. “This is so special I don’t know how I can ever pay you back.”

“You don’t have to.” He said as he held me tight and patted my head. “But you do have to promise me that we will always be together as husband and wife.”

“Oh honey I do now more than ever”

Two months later we were married.


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