Whoever said that raising boys is a lot easier than raising girls; was wrong. My three boys Jason, Michael and Andrew all less than a year apart, have been nothing but hell to bring up. They were always getting into fights as school, failing at least two subjects each; not to mention all the drinking and smoking. When Jason was arrested for drug possession, | could not take any more. I knew military school would not be strict enough; so I called Annie’s School for Boys. Less than an hour after called, a team from Annie’s arrived at our house. All three boys were handcuffed and gagged, then taken to Team Annie’s van; kicking and squirming. That was the last time I ever saw or ever had any contact with my sons. Six months later there was a knock at the door. When | went to, | saw three very lovely young women standing in my doorway. “Daddy!” all three said, then each gave me a small kiss on the check as they came in. My three girls Jennifer, Michelle and Amber have been nothing but delightful.  Jennifer and Amber are the top two students in their class and Michelle is captain of the cheerleading squad. I always know where my girls are going, with whom and what time to expect them home. All three have a date with the Paccagnini brothers tonight. Amber tells me Rocco Paccagnini wants to have a chat with me before they go out. I overheard my girls talking about prom night.

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