“Are you decent?” James called out from the outside the bathroom door. Things certainly had changed a lot since his housemate Eric had gotten turned into a girl by a vengeful ex a couple of months ago, but they were both making it work.

A playfully sweet voice called back through the door a second later, informing him it was all right to come in. James opened the door and was about to make a teasing remark about how long it had taken her to shower when he suddenly stopped, shocked at what he was seeing. Standing seductively in the bathtub was Erica, wearing only white lingerie, bathrobe and utterly unembarrassed about it.

“Damn it, Erica, would you please cover up?

“Why? Don’t you like what you see?”

James was taken back; he wasn’t sure how to respond. As much as he’d tried to deny it, Erica was extremely attractive, but also he couldn’t let himself forget her past, out of respect for their friendship. James began to stutter, trying to find the words to express himself, but Erica silenced him.

“Hush. I know how you feel and I know what you’re thinking. The fact is, as time’s gone by, I’ve come to accept that there is no way back. I’m a woman now James and I have a woman’s needs but we can still be great friends, perhaps even more than friends. There was no mistaking her hint. “Now the shower’s all clean, I’m all wet, and no one else is in the house. All that’s left to decide is how much the hot water bill is going to be this month.”

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